Solo Exhibitions

  2017       Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York

  2016       HilbertRaum Project Space, Berlin 

  2008      Jack The Pelican Presents, New York

            2005      Jack The Pelican Presents, New York

            1991        Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, New York

            1989       Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, New York

            1984       Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York

            1978       Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York

            1975       Michael Walls Gallery, New York


Group Exhibitions           

            2018      Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, "Between Post and Pre"

            2017-18  Mitchell Algus Gallery. New York, "FOTG", The first of four shows marking the gallery's first 25 years

            2016       Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York, “Concept, Performance, Documentation, Language”

            2015      Gallery 151 Annex, New York, group exhibition

            2014       Godwin Ternbach Museum, Queens College, CUNY, “Faculty Exhibition”

            2011        New York Academy of Art, “Put Up or Shut Up”

            2010       Fort Useless, Brooklyn, New York, “Bushwick Open Studios”

 2009      Jack The Pelican Presents, New York

 2008      Jack The Pelican Presents, New York

      The Jewish Museum, New York

 “Uncle Bob’s Variety Show”, conceived and hosted by performance artist DanielleAbrams

            2007      Jack the Pelican Presents, New York

                            Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University. "Keeping It Real," curated by Jerry Kearns

            2006       Scope Fair, New York

                 White Box Live Benefit Auction, Milk Gallery, New York

                 Planet Thailand, “Plan Eat World” curated by Don Carroll

  2005      Miami Scope Art Fair, Miami, Florida

            2004      National Academy Museum, New York, “179th Annual Exhibition of

                          Contemporary American Art” (catalogue)

                          SPACES, Cleveland, Ohio, “It’s a Wonderful Life: Psychodrama in

                          Contemporary Painting” (catalogue)

            1999      Apex Art, New York, "Building Histories," curated by Maureen Connor

            1997      American Academy of Arts and Letters, "American Academy Invitational

                          Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture"

            1995      Yale University Art Gallery, "Re-inventing the Emblem: Contemporary Artists Recreate a Renaissance Idea"

            1994      Postmasters, New York, "Unholy Wars" (three person exhibition)

            1993-95The Drawing Center, New York

                          The CorcoranGallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

                          Fundacion para el Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City

                          Santa Monica Museum of Art

                          Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, Missouri

                          The American Center, Paris

                          "The Return of the Cadavre Exquis"

            1990      Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, New York, "New Work"

                          Kingsborough Community College Gallery (CUNY), "Architecture As Abstraction," Curated by Margot Farrington

            1989      Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, "Architecture As Abstraction," Curated by Margot Farrington

                          55 Mercer Artists, "American Abstract Artists 1989"

            1988      Bali Miller, New York

            1987      55 Mercer Street Gallery, New York, "Color Now"

            1986      Hofstra University Art Gallery, Uniondale, New York, "Cohen, Fishman,

                           Ford," Curated by Elizabeth Frank

                          Islip Art Museum, Islip, New York, "Vivid Pastel"

            1985-87Bass Museum of Art, Miami

                          Madison Art Center, Madison Wisconson

                          Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Canada

                          Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba, Canada

                          Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, Alaska

                          Santa Barbara Museum of Art

                          "Large Drawings,"  Curated by Elke Solomon, Traveling Exhibition Organized by 

                            Independent Curators, Inc.                                              

             1985     The Art Museum, Princeton University, "A Decade of Visual Arts at Princeton"

                          Faculty 1975-1985

            1984      Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York

                          Chicago Art Fair

                          A.I.R. Gallery, New York

            1981      P.S. 1, New York, "Critical Perspectives"

                          Stefanotti Gallery, New York

            1980      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Greene Gallery, School of Architecture, Troy, New York, "CAPS Painters"

            1978      Fort Worth Contemporary Art Museum, Texas.  "Paintings on Loan from the Dallas Museum of Art"

            1976      Dallas Museum of Art - Recent Acquisitions

            1974      Contemporary Art Center and Taft Museum, Cincinnati

                          "Painting and Sculpture Today"

                          Indianapolis Museum of Art

                          "Painting and Sculpture Today"

                          Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal

                          "New York Avant-Garde," Curated by Marcia Tucker

            1973      Whitney Museum of American Art

                          "Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture"

            1971      State University of New York at Potsdam

                          "New Realism"


Major Commissions

            1986      Melville Industrial Associates, Melville, New York, 18' x 17' painting

            1985      Parfums Stern, New York, 7' x 27' painting


Grants and Fellowships

  2009-10           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

  2008-09           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

  2007-08           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

  2005-06           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            2004-05           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            2003-04           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            2002-03           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            2001-02           PSC CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            2000-01           PSC CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            1999-00           PSC CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            1995-96           PSC CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            1994-95           PSC-CUNY Research Award(Painting)

            1988-89           PSC CUNY Research Award (Painting)

            1988                New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship

            1987-88           PSC CUNY Research Award (Painting)

            1986-87           PSC CUNY Research Award (Painting)

            1984                Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Fellowship

            1982                National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artists Fellowship

            1980                New York State CAPS Grant



            Dallas Museum of Art

            Whitney Museum of American Art

            Chemical Bank

            Melville Industrial Associates

            Parfums Stern

  S. G. Warburg

            N.Y.C. Health and Hospitals Corporation



            2014      Rhode Island School of Design

 2001      Princeton University, “Arthur Cohen on his Work”

            1999      New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

                          Evening Lecture Series, "Arthur Cohen on his work"

            1984      Philadelphia College of Art

            1980      Princeton University


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